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West Side Journal Spotlights Jared Wall, DMS Teacher

posted Dec 9, 2014, 5:45 PM by Jared Wall   [ updated Dec 9, 2014, 5:46 PM ]

Educator of the Year

Written by Aaron Williams on 03 December 2014. Posted in Local

Devall Middle School social studies teacher, Jared Wall, was recently named Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators’ (LACUE) Educator of the Year for the state’s Region 2.

“I was shocked to even know that I was being nominated,” Wall said Monday afternoon during a telephone interview. “I felt like to even be mentioned, much less win, was an honor. I didn’t expect it at all.”

Wall’s Educator of the Year award was the highest of seven regional awards given out to teachers and principals in Region 2, which encompasses 12 school districts. The award makes him a nominee for the state’s Educator of the Year, which will be announced during the LACUE Conference, which is taking place today (December 4).

Laree Taylor, Principal at Devall, said that she believes Wall is very deserving of the award, as his enthusiasm for teaching and technology helps reach students.

“He is one of the most thoughtful and intentional educators with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. He is purposeful in his planning, reflective in assessing his own effectiveness, and insightful in determining the needs of his students, peers, and school,” Taylor said of Wall in a written statement to LACUE. “Every time I visit his classroom I am amazed by his ability to inspire genuine curiosity, fruitful collaboration and meaningful reflection.”